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At Sidney Pet Centre, we love our fish and treat them as one of the family. It is our philosophy that fish deserve as good a home as any other pet! Therefore, we are happy to recommend appropriate living conditions for your aquatic friends including tank size, dietary requirements, and suitable tank mates. We carry a variety of plants, ornaments, filters, air pumps, food, and water conditioners to maintain a happy home for your finned family members. Starter Aquarium kits are available in a range of sizes from 5 gallons to 45 gallons.

List of Species

Species in stock can vary depending on seasonal availability, so check with us if you can’t find what you're looking for. We carry mostly small tetras, rasboras, bettas, algae eaters, and other types of fish and aquatic critters that are better suited for smaller (50 gallons and under) community aquariums. These are some of the staples species we try to keep in stock:


  • Neon Tetra

  • Lemon Tetra

  • Rummynose Tetra

  • Glofish Tetra

  • Glofish Danio

  • Betta-regular, crowntail

  • Diamond Tetra

  • Harlequin Rasbora

  • Otocinclus

  • Bushynose pleco

  • Dwarf Aquatic Frog

  • Apple snail

  • Nerite Snail

  • Comet Goldfish (pond fish) *seasonal

Fish Guarantee

Our fish are quarantined prior to selling so that they are in the best possible condition when they go home with you. If your fish perish within 72 hours, we will honor a one-time replacement under the following criteria:


  • Proof of the body of fish

  • Water sample (separate from fish) reading 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and an appropriate pH level

  • Original receipt of purchase

Cycling an aquarium is stressful on your fish and is a risk you assume if you decide to add fish during this natural process. If your sample shows signs that your tank is cycling, a replacement may not be guaranteed. It is always recommended to use a biological enhancer to reduce the risk of loss of fish.

Water testing

We offer free water testing in the afternoons between 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Any inquiries regarding species information, troubleshooting, or order availability can be made with Angie by phone (Tuesday-Friday):

250-656-3314 or through email:

Youtube links

It is important to understand how an aquarium functions as a habitat for your fish. Here are some helpful links to help in setting up and maintaining your aquarium:

Marina, Fluval, Tetra, Aqueon and more brands that offer quality fish food.

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