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Sidney Pet Centre is located in Sidney B.C. and has been serving the peninsula for 30 years. We offer the newest and best in food, toys, bedding, apparel, travel, supplies, and supplements. As new owners our goal is to continue to provide great customer service, contribute to the community, and buy local as much as possible to offer competitive prices and support Canadian businesses. 

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Our Team

Sandy McLeod Bio

Sandy McLeod | Owner

My passion in life is my love for animals, and helping them anyway possible. I've taken in many strays over the years, rescued and fostered. I've also owned purebred dogs and cats.  Currently I have 2 dogs, Rourke and Lolo. I have 2 cats, Boo and Flip, and I'm also the proud new owner of Cuddles the Moluccan Cockatoo. I'm very excited to have expanded my furry family to feathers too. I look forward to meeting all our customers, your pets and meeting all your needs and wants for them. 

Harrison Dudley Bio

Harrison Dudley | Manager

Having been a part of our community for 10 years at the time and an avid pet enthusiast, it was easy to see why I had to join the team at Sidney Pet Centre. Now, 10 years later, I am proud to continue to see the store grow and be part of the lives of the people and pets of Sidney and the Peninsula. 


Amanda MacGarvey | Assistant Manager 

Cuddles Cockatoo Bio

Cuddles | Resident Cockatoo

I am the Sidney Pet Centre's resident Moluccan Cockatoo. I am 30 years old and while my species is originally from Indonesia, I was born in Canada. 

I know about 25 words. My favourite words and phrases are "Hello", "How are you?", "Good girl" and "Pretty bird".




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