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Raw diet for dogs and cats!
Sidney's Pet Centre is proud to introduce Red Dog Blue Kat raw diet for dogs and cats. Brought to us by Red Dog Deli, out of North Vancouver, BC, Red Dog Blue Kat delivers high quality, human grade ingredients prepared specifically to provide your dog or cat with the best nutrition possible. All meat products provided by Red Dog Deli are non-medicated and free range, and all vegetables are fresh, organic, and juiced for easy digestion.

Price lists and feeding guides are available here, or come in and check it out for yourself.
Red Dog Blue Kat
NRG is an industry leading pet food company delivering top quality dehydrated dog food. They make it their mission to provide 100% bio-available nutrition without supplimentation, and offer a range of diets from fully cooked to raw. All ingredients are North American souced and "table grade".

Visit www.nrgpetproducts.com for more info.
NRG Pet Products
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